By Jason Reed

President Obama’s healthcare overhaul, signed into law two years ago, is his signature domestic policy achievement. It remains a divisive issue among Americans and is likely to be a key issue ahead of the November 6 election in which he seeks a second term.

For three days this week, the nine Justices heard arguments from both sides on whether the healthcare overhaul is lawful. A ruling is expected in June.

I covered the story and gathered pictures, sound and video from the circus-like atmosphere outside the Supreme Court, and compiled supporting images from other Reuters Photographers for this multimedia project. With a Zoom H4N digital audio recorder mounted to the hotshoe of a camera, I was able to capture some ambient sound of the debate raging between participants outside the courthouse.


Washington is a magnet for demonstrations and rallies focusing on the biggest social and political issues that face the United States. In any one year, hundreds of protests of all shapes and sizes dot this landscape around the nation’s capital’s landmarks. They are just a regular part of what we cover as news photographers alongside all the other responsibilities of Washington politics, including the White House, State Department, the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.

The challenge for any photographer is to try to keep it fresh, as in most cases it is the same actors, just a different play.