Good kisses are like good pictures, they come in the most natural way, without words or permission. What would happen if you asked permission for a kiss or a picture? The answer would likely be ‘no’.

On the streets of Australia, stealing a kiss can sometimes be a lot easier than taking a photo.

The nation has an obsession with rules and a fear of media, a very bad combination for press freedom. Warnings are everywhere: “No trespassing, offenders will be prosecuted,” “No entry,” “Private.” Every time you put a camera to your face in a public place, some local official will intervene: “What are you taking pictures of? You can’t take pictures here without permission.”

Even if you are standing on a public street, pointing a camera at a national icon like Bondi Beach or the Sydney Opera House, you can be threatened with a fine if you do not have a permit.

The problem has become so big that about 1,000 photographers recently held a public protest in Sydney against restrictions on taking pictures in public places.