I first heard about the Pujie Girls and planking while watching a local Taiwanese talk show that featured ongoing fads. Karren and Jinyu were on the show demonstrating to local university students how planking can be both fun and done safely.

I loved the photos and the idea of planking seemed very visually interesting to me; I had to find out more about it. After a bit of research online, I found that there was a whole community of underground plankers who posted their escapades via various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I added myself to the fanpage of the Pujie Girls on Facebook and introduced myself. I was hoping that they would contact me soon so that I could secure an interview session with the internet celebrities for Reuters.

The pair are Taiwan’s most well-known plankers, with almost 100,000 fans following them on Facebook. They are so popular that China’s version of Facebook, Weibo, has invited them as VIPs on the tightly controlled social network to promote their activities across the strait.

Calling themselves the Pujie Girls which literally translates to “falling on the street” in Mandarin, the name is also a pun on the Cantonese curse “Puk Gai” which means “may you drop dead.”