A combination photograph shows tattooed women posing for photographs during the 2010 Taiwan International Tattoo Convention in Taipei July 31, 2010. REUTERS/Nicky Loh

Being a wire photographer, we often document things that are happening before our eyes. Sometimes these events happen so fast and we miss that one great picture or sometimes it may take 12 hours of waiting outside a courthouse to get that bread and butter shot to whet the appetite of newspaper clients.

The truth is that when wire photographers go out to shoot, we rarely have control over what happens during our assignments. We definitely cannot meddle with or control our subjects for the frame because that violates journalistic integrity.

Every now and then though, every news photographer wishes that the subject would do exactly what they have in mind for that particular shoot.

Take for example, a stock market story: To illustrate a big dip in market prices, we would ideally want a trader in a suit tearing his hair out in front of stock market panels. Also, ideally the color of the man’s suit matches the background and hopefully he is pleasing on the eyes too. This rarely happens though and you probably have to spend three unfruitful hours sitting at the stock exchange waiting for the right moment.

Although the description of the above image is stereotypically stock, that’s probably the money shot to bet on that papers will use to illustrate an 8% dip in global markets.