By Larry Downing

The weather forecast this week calls for cooler air to breeze across Washington DC, giving everyone relief from last week’s sweltering heat which successfully baked the nation’s capital with high temperatures while blanketing unfortunate tourists with endless drops of their own sweat.

It will be a needed break from the hot beginnings of July which have already impacted this year’s summer vacations by forcing hundreds of families to camp out downstairs on the cooler floors of the basement after a ruthless storm knocked out power lines across the region leaving thousands in the dark for days, and for nights, adding to the tension.

Escape from the sun came as small victories for those melting out in the warm air. The refreshing geysers of a park’s water fountain turned magnetic for excited children suddenly enjoying life again while neighborhood swimming pools quickly became an urban oasis.

Basic survival required drinking lots of water, but it curiously seemed to evaporate out of the body as fast as it was swallowed. And the cool shade found underneath a simple umbrella was paradise on earth.

And all this before the month is even half over, giving plenty of wise, old men the opportunity to talk about their favorite subject, the weather, while the younger generation had time to give thought to why they voluntarily live inside a town built over a thick swamp along the Potomac River.