Fear not the fiery robot apocalypse of the Terminator movies. Fear the cute machines exhibited at the International Robot Exhibition 2009 because they will destroy mankind by being better spouses.

Flash forward 20 years: People start marrying robots, the population plummets. There’s no need for Skynet’s gun-toting Terminators, because there’s no one to shoot at and Craig’s List personals read like an automotive parts catalog: “Likes: hydraulic muscles and the smell of WD40. Dislikes: Clingy A-I personalities and 'bots that need to recharge every 10-minutes".

Reason to fear robots #1: Robots cook better than you do


Robot-maker Toyoriki’s "Okonomiyaki robot” has 15 motorised joints to precisely mix the batter for savory Japanese pancakes, then pouring it onto a hot griddle and cheerfully entertaining while you wait to be served by reading the latest news out loud and singing songs.

Reason to fear robots #2Seal: Robots are better listeners

According to researchers, Paro, a seal-like robot, was developed to provide the relaxation and speedy patient recovery seen in animal-assisted therapy in places such as hospitals and nursing homes where animals aren’t allowed.The therapeutic robot has soft white artificial fur and a behavior generation system that mimics a real animal.
JAPAN Reason to fear robots #3: Robots are never too lazy to recycleEager’s “D+ropop” eco-friendly robot’s soft outer case is made of corrugated cardboard while its inner structure is metal. The maker says the humanoid will become popular as a new form of advertising media -- just don’t leave it in the rain.