The last few days have been frantic to say the least as part of the traveling media circus following William and Kate across Canada.

There are no media charter flights on this particular tour which means that in order to stay apace with the couple’s Canadian airforce jet we are constantly having to decide which events to shoot whilst leaving us enough time to dash to the airport to get our scheduled flights.

This is a nightmare, as you just never know where the picture will happen and you are making decisions based purely on pre-tour briefings and judgment. Fortunately, we are blessed with a hugely talented pool of local photographers in Canada who can still provide coverage at events whilst I race to the airport repacking my kit as I go.

The last few days have been more manic than usual with the couple hopping from the east of the country at Prince Edward Island all the way north to the arctic circle and Yellowknife.

The time zone changes and constant traveling are beginning to take its toll on the traveling pool, but thankfully this has been eased somewhat with two of the best days so far for pictures.