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Eagles without wings

January 14, 2013

Oberstdorf, Germany to Bischofshofen, Austria

By Kai Pfaffenbach

For a German sports photographer covering first division Bundesliga soccer, every week between December and the end of January is actually quite boring. While other major leagues (not only in soccer) continue their season, Bundesliga is “off” for four weeks. Although I would normally tend to miss “my“ weekly fix of soccer, I always look forward to the so-called “winter break”. It gives me time to cover one of the sports events I really love to photograph: the four hills ski jumping tournament.

Shooting birdmen

January 18, 2011

Downhill from the height of a 30-story-building and soaring through the air: this is the definition of ski jumping. The skiers reminded me of birdmen, or extreme skydivers.

from Russell Boyce:

Asia – A Week in Pictures January 16 2011

January 17, 2011

Our thoughts are with photographer Lucas Mebrouk Dolega who was covering the street protests in Tunisia who is now in a critical condition after sustaining head injuries on Friday from a tear gas canister fired by a nearby police officer.

from Left field:

Sports picture of the day

February 13, 2009
GERMANY/ Sports Pictures Editor Greg Bos has varied the theme today and gone for a picture from the world ski jumping championships. Here's Greg's view of the shot: I like this picture from Munich-based photographer Michael Dalder because he took the time to find a different angle and made a beautiful picture combining the falling snow and a spot light to isolate the ski jumper in mid air.

Original caption: Austria's Martin Koch soars through the air during his second round jump at the ski jumping World Championships in Oberstdorf, February 13, 2009. REUTERS/Michael Dalder