By Stefan Wermuth

In my view, London is a great city because of its cosmopolitan people who live and work there every day. I wanted to know what they think about this big event called Olympics, which will take place for two weeks in their city.

Laim Carter, a 19 year-old guardsman who has lived in London for two month, poses for a picture in Chelsea. When asked what he felt about London hosting the Olympics, Carter said: “It’s good.”

I went with my camera and a basic voice recorder to the streets of Balham, Westminster, The City of London, Brixton, Wandsworth, Shoreditch, Battersea, Lambeth and Chelsea and met all kind of different people.

Tim McPherson, a 39 year-old falconer who works in London, poses with his hawk Harry for a picture at Trafalgar Square. When asked what he felt about London hosting the Olympics, McPherson said: “It’s good for Britain to host it. But traveling is going to be a nightmare.”

For example, falconer Tim who stands with his falcon Harry on Trafalgar Square to keep the pigeons away in the morning, desktop support technicia Petrica dressed as Captain America who is raising money for charity, vision technician Mark who cleans shop windows, product and development manager Alice who just moved to London and school crossing patrol warden Sue who helps children cross the street, just to name a few.