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Rio from above

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

By Ricardo Moraes

Flying over Rio is always incredible. Seeing my city from the sky reveals its beauty from new angles.

My recent flight over the city was focused on the renovation work being carried out at the Maracana Stadium, which will host games for the Confederations Cup this year, the soccer World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games.

With these big events fast approaching, we are constantly monitoring the progress of building works. The new roof being installed at Maracana is supposed to be its big moment, marking the beginning of the end of renovations.

The work is behind schedule, and we are not allowed inside to take pictures. The only way to follow the progress is from above. Having seen it now, I can tell that the work has progressed a great deal. The stadium is completely different to the Maracana where, as a child, I watched the victories, the goals, and the sheer joy of my soccer team, Botafogo. (I might add that I saw Botafogo’s losses too. But our anthem says we “can’t lose, lose to anyone!”)

I last flew over the stadium when the works were just beginning. Now it looks like a real arena, but, personally, I prefer the old style. Arenas are boring!

Paralympic spirit

By Nir Elias

When the idea to photograph Israeli athletes for the London 2012 Paralympic games came to mind, the second athlete I met was Pascale Berkovitch.

Pascale, 44, lost her legs in a train accident in the suburbs of Paris when she was 17 years old. She now lives with her partner and two daughters in Tel Aviv and is part of the Israeli Paralympic staff for the 2012 games in the field of Hand Biking.

During my first meeting with Pascale, I was struck by the expression ‘sport spirit’. The more time I spent with her while training in the park, at home with her partner or while wandering around her neighborhood with her little girl, the more I felt this was an understatement.

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