By Darryl Webb

I guess you could call me a lunatic. Not in a bad way, really… I’ve just always been taken with the full moon. So when the “Super Moon” was making this year’s debut I knew I was going to try to get an image of it, despite having to be late to two of my best friends’ 50th birthday parties. I knew they would understand as they know my passion for my work.

The Friday before I had planned to do a little scouting of the moon to see where it was going to rise but missed it by an hour due to the Farmer’s Almanac not knowing that Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time. That put a little wrinkle in my plans but I still scouted out locations and found one next to the Phoenix Zoo.

Since I knew the park and that it frequently has visitors on top of it, my hope was to get people up on a butte possibly with the moon in the background. But, when I tried shooting from there I was too close. I got a couple of test frames off, but I knew I could do better if I was further back. That was my plan for Super Moon Saturday.

Despite having somewhat of a game plan, I thought about what else represents Arizona and the saguaro cactus came to mind. So that morning my wife and I packed up the dogs and headed 50 miles out of the city to the desert looking for a possible sea of cactus where the moon might rise above or through them. Unfortunately and fortunately I never found that vantage point. Mother Nature began scattering the sky with clouds and I thought my chances were fading fast.

It has happened to me so many times in the past as I chased the moon that I kind of expected it. I even posted on Facebook, “Damn you Mother Nature and your clouds!” thinking I was going to fail because of the cloud cover. Luckily the clouds didn’t play a factor and my chase and planning were not for nothing.