I started this little “pet project” that will take me who knows where.

It is about Pattaya, a magnet for foreign tourists seeking sun, sea, watersports and racy nightlife not far from Bangkok. Andrew Marshall calls it Sin City, Sodom-on-Sea, the Gomorrah of Tomorroh in his article for Time magazine.

It was just a simple, sleepy fishing village before Americans turned it into something very different – a R&R destination for their soldiers fighting in Vietnam. The rest is legend.

Americans left, the war against communism was over, but Pattaya stayed what it used to be, attracting “the worst kind of Western tourists” as the travel books suggested.

Well, and Russians, too. They also had “an issue” with communism that belongs to the past. Now, they are new dear guests locals “love long time,” and American signs are changing to the Russian language. In Pattaya, there are no losers – only winners swapped at the throne. Its privileged status, sometimes above or beside the laws, guarantees the win-win situation.

If you like that kind of game.

Here is the first set of pictures I will have from Pattaya. It is from Tiffany’s – a world-famous transvestite cabaret show with dozen of artists performing every night for tourists. Probably the nicest place in Pattaya, with the nicest people and the most incredible show.