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Covering the U.S. Open (and Tiger)

June 20, 2012

By Jeff Haynes

The U.S. Open is always one of the toughest events of the year to work. As photographers working a golf tournament we have to deal with more challenges during a week of golf than we might during the whole rest of the year. Weather, Tiger, blisters, Tiger, hills, Tiger, tight leader boards, Tiger, long days, Tiger, a sore body, Tiger, fog, Tiger, marshalls, Tiger and 155 other golfers not named Tiger.

In the room with a Tiger

February 24, 2010

He walked with the same confidence those of us who cover golf have come to recognize as he entered the carefully designed room, with presidential blue draping covering most of two walls, illuminated by a very professional TV lighting setup. I guess presidential should be emphasized, the person who did the setup did the same things for President George W. Bush.