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A night at Tiffany’s

February 21, 2012

I started this little “pet project” that will take me who knows where.

It is about Pattaya, a magnet for foreign tourists seeking sun, sea, watersports and racy nightlife not far from Bangkok. Andrew Marshall calls it Sin City, Sodom-on-Sea, the Gomorrah of Tomorroh in his article for Time magazine.

from Russell Boyce:

Asia – A week in pictures 14 August 2011

August 15, 2011

This week Pakistan marked its day of independence from British rule with parades, parties, face painting and bombs.  Two pictures of faces covered in colour, one paint, the other blood, seems to sum up all there needs to be said about the national pride Pakistan feels while facing so many challenges. Visually the complementary colours of green and red (colours on opposite sides of the colour spectrum) make the pictures jump out of the page especially when put side by side. The angry eye staring out of the face of green in Mohsin Raza's picture engages the viewer full on while in Amir Hussain's picture the man seems oblivious of his wound as blood covers his face, again more opposites, this time not in colour but mood. India too is preparing to celebrate its independence and Dehli-based photographer Parivartan Sharma's picture of festival preparations came to mind after I put together the red-and-green combination picture from Pakistan.