By Petr Josek

Yeah, yeah, yeah 4-1 loss for the Czechs against Russia in Wroclaw. The Russian fans left the city for Warsaw after that and ended up fighting Polish supporters. Wroclaw is calm and quiet. Here the fans like each other and the city center is calm and full of friendly faces. The spotlight moves on, but there is still work to be done.

After the next round the Czechs became a decisive opponent for Poland in advancing from Group A. Its a championship and the teams need to keep sharp, away from the headlines, and for photographers there are images to be made that tell the story. Eyes on the prize.

As in previous EURO competitions I’ve been assigned to cover the team, and shooting training is a hell of a lot of work, even when everyone else is looking elsewhere. Let’s see what they look like even when there is “No Coverage” in the picture planner.

You come to the stadium and wait for the heroes or losers, depending on what happened on match day before. Several hundred people including school pupils are there to see their next opponent.

Today luckily, heroes arrived, welcomed by applauding spectators.

First of all the goal scorers. Petr Jiracek and Vaclav Pilar, are imminent targets of fans’ interest and because they played yesterday they can share a little of their practice time to sign photographs, balls, spikes and other items for fans and kids. All part of the job.