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Jun 28, 2015

Taiwan probes water park fire as tally of injured reaches 519

TAIPEI (Reuters) – The number of party revelers injured in a fire at a Taiwan water park rose to 519 on Sunday, as authorities began investigating the cause, suspected to be a sudden explosion of a colored powder thrown on those attending the party.

Six foreigners and seven visitors from Hong Kong, mainland China and Macau were among those injured after about 1,000 people dancing at Saturday’s event were sprayed with the powder, as a special feature of a festival also held in previous years.

Jul 22, 2013
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Kids in camo


By Pichi Chuang

The Albert kindergarten and day care center in the central Taiwan city of Taichung is as joyful and vibrant as any other, with its colorful plastic slides and trampolines, but what makes it different is the children. From five to nine years old wearing camouflage uniforms they practice crawling and handstands on foam cushions in the front yard, copying the training of army special forces frogmen.

Principal Fong Yun said “I think most Taiwanese children lack confidence compared with kids from other countries.” Inspired by U.S. physical therapist Glenn Doman’s theories, 15 years ago she created a series of exercises that combine military drills and gymnastics, believing that they would help children develop physical and mental strength.