Romney denies history of “flip-flops” in Fox interview

November 30, 2011

In an long and sometimes tense interview with Fox’s Bret Baier on Tuesday, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney defended himself against alleged policy “flip-flops” on immigration, health care, and other issues put forward in a DNC attack ad released earlier in the week.

Seated amidst crates of juice and soda inside a Conchita food warehouse in Miami, Romney denied revising his policy stances for the purposes of political expediency, telling Baier his list was “just not accurate” and suggesting he read his book to become “better informed” about his political views. The one issue on which he did acknowledge a change of heart, however, was abortion, a reversal Romney said also “occurred with Ronald Reagan, with George W. Bush, with some of the leaders in the pro-life movement.”

When Baier pushed back on Romney’s defense of his stance on health care and the individual mandate, Romney, seeming exasperated, snapped, “Bret, I don’t know how many hundreds of times I’ve said this. This is an unusual interview. All right, let’s do this again.” Baier pointed out that Democrats were seizing on old television clips to purportedly demonstrate his policy turn-arounds, but Romney claimed they were taking “snippets…out of context.”

Asked to describe what the country would look like in 2016 after a first term as president, Romney was more upbeat:

It’s going to be middle class in America again, where people have conviction that the future is brighter than the past. America has to be strong, with a strong culture, with a strong economy, and a military that’s second to none. And we’re loosing faith in those things. I want to make America stronger again. America will be a stronger nation, with freedom and opportunity as we’ve enjoyed in our past.

The DNC jumped on the interview, sending out an email Wednesday morning claiming Romney’s performance in the interview “must be why he doesn’t do Sunday shows” and quoting from a Miami Herald piece that calls him “icily peevish.”

Here’s the segment, via Fox News:

Credit: Fox News

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Fox news, now is that channel even news worthy or just a joke channel for Jon Stewart’s “daily show”.

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