Gingrich airs first TV ad in Iowa: ‘Is the America we love a thing of the past?’

December 5, 2011

Newt Gingrich has released his first television ad of the campaign, an optimistic rebuttal to anyone who thinks “the America we know and love is a thing of the past.” Set to air in Iowa this week, the spot mixes uplifting music (from the soundtrack to the film Rudy) and imagery — wheat fields, a picket-fence home flying an American flag, factory workers, the Iowa State Capitol building — with footage of Gingrich making the case that “together…we can rebuild America”:

“We can revive our economy and create jobs, shrink government and the regulations that strangle our businesses, throw out the tax code and replace it with one that is simple and fair,” Gingrich says in the ad. “We can regain the world’s respect by standing strong again, being true to our faith and respecting one another. We can return power to the people and the states we live in so we’ll all have more freedom, opportunity and control of our lives. Yes, working together, we can and will rebuild the America we love.”

Here’s the ad, via



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Newt being newt the ad is full of attractive women!

Posted by LogicalObserver | Report as abusive

Together-yes we can!

Posted by gobucks | Report as abusive

Beware of serial adulterers in GOP clothing.

Posted by Naiche | Report as abusive

Hmmm, standing together to shrink government…. Oxymoron or paradox?

Posted by Dafydd | Report as abusive

Too bad no one had a cell phone videotaping him years ago as he forced his first (I believe) wife to sign their divorce agreement as she was literally lying in a hospital bed. Oh, that’s right, this is the new-and-improved-catholic-with-3rd-wife- Newt who is really for the ‘regular’ guy. Sure. And once those regulations that ‘burden’ business so terribly (which is why they are sitting on Trillions in cash) are gone, I’m SURE they will ALL keep the environment clean, play fair, be honest, never take advantage of lax regulations, never take advantage of their workers, and will be good corporate citizens. And the tooth fairy and Santa will watch over them to be sure they stay that way!

Posted by MidwestVoice | Report as abusive

Political Theater is a perfect title….the flag waving in the breeze, the melodramatic music, the golden waves of grain. The Republican race now boils down to Gingrich vs. Romney – Charles Krauthammer wrote an editorial in the National Review recently that was very well written but even he calls them the “two significantly flawed frontrunners”. 3rd party anyone?

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