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New DNC ad targets Romney on immigration


The Democratic National Committee released a new, post-debate ad this morning accusing Mitt Romney of being “dishonest” and “extreme” on immigration. The video, which contrasts Romney’s comments at last night’s debate with those made by rival Newt Gingrich, asks “On immigration, who is being honest about the challenges we face?”

Romney is seen arguing that granting amnesty to illegal immigrants will be a “magnet”: “If people who come here illegally are going to get to stay, that will encourage more people to come illegally,” he said. Gingrich, by comparison, took a more moderate approach, suggesting Americans may not ultimately be comfortable with the implications of the policy Romney suggested:

“I do not believe that the people of the United States are going to take people who have been here a quarter century, who have children and grandchildren, who are members of the community, who may have done something twenty-five years ago, separate them their families and expel them,” Gingrich said. “The party that says it’s the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here a quarter century. And I’m prepared to take the heat and say let’s be humane in enforcing the law without giving them citizenship, but by finding a way to create legality so they are not separated from their families.”

Obama’s reelection campaign, which is targeting Romney almost exclusively, released a memo ahead of last night’s debate outlining his stances on various national security issues and asking, “Which of Gov. Mitt Romney’s positions will he adamantly deny tonight?” The DNC’s specific allegation of “dishonesty” echos earlier accusations from Democrats who complained that Romney distorted an Obama quote in a television ad earlier this week, which Obama spokesperson Ben LaBolt called “deceitful and dishonest” and led the DNC to brand him “a serial deceiver.”

New DNC ad tells Romney to “Hit The Road”


In advance of the Republican debate outside of Detroit tonight, the DNC has released a video targeting Mitt Romney for his position on the auto bailout.

“You wouldn’t know he was from around here,” the narrator says, before Romney is heard saying, “Let Detroit go bankrupt.”

New Romney, DNC ads target the foreclosure crisis


The DNC has debuted a new ad targeting Mitt Romney for his comments on the housing crisis last week in Las Vegas. “Don’t try to stop the foreclosure process,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on October 17. “Let it run its course and hit the bottom.” The ad quotes Romney, multiple times, to a dramatic score.

Romney, for his part, also has a new ad, “Welcome to Nevada, President Obama,” focusing on Obama’s record and filmed in hipster, Instragram-inspired hues:

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