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Mark Block: Kissinger told me smoking ad was “brilliant”


Cain campaign manager Mark Block, best known for his smoking scene in a Herman Cain web ad, was on Fox News this morning, where he discussed the sexual harassment allegations levied against Cain and other campaign developments. He railed against the media “cesspool,” telling host Martha MacCallum that suing Politico, the site that broke the harassment story, “is being discussed.”

MacCallum also asked about Cain’s foreign policy qualifications. “We had a fascinating meeting yesterday in New York City with Dr. Henry Kissinger,” Block told her. “Those that know Herman Cain know he’s a fast study and he is being brought up to speed on issues.”

“About half way through that meeting Dr Kissinger turned to me and said, ‘you’re that cigarette guy. That was brilliant,’” Block added.

Here’s the segment, courtesy of Fox News. Cigarette comment is at 5:00.

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