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Mark Block: Kissinger told me smoking ad was “brilliant”


Cain campaign manager Mark Block, best known for his smoking scene in a Herman Cain web ad, was on Fox News this morning, where he discussed the sexual harassment allegations levied against Cain and other campaign developments. He railed against the media “cesspool,” telling host Martha MacCallum that suing Politico, the site that broke the harassment story, “is being discussed.”

MacCallum also asked about Cain’s foreign policy qualifications. “We had a fascinating meeting yesterday in New York City with Dr. Henry Kissinger,” Block told her. “Those that know Herman Cain know he’s a fast study and he is being brought up to speed on issues.”

“About half way through that meeting Dr Kissinger turned to me and said, ‘you’re that cigarette guy. That was brilliant,’” Block added.

Here’s the segment, courtesy of Fox News. Cigarette comment is at 5:00.

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from Tales from the Trail:

Cain backers reprise ‘high-tech lynching’ theme

A group of Herman Cain supporters has pulled out the heavy artillery in defense of the Republican presidential hopeful against sexual harassment allegations.

"Americans for Herman Cain" -- an outside group not affiliated with his campaign -- released this ad comparing the media treatment of Cain to what Clarence Thomas went through during his 1991 U.S. Senate confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. Thomas -- who also faced sexual harassment allegations and a media frenzy -- denounced his treatment as "a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks."

Cain clashes with reporters


At an event at a Hilton hotel in Alexandria on Wednesday, Herman Cain grew annoyed with reporters asking questions about his sexual harassment settlements. As reporters continued to pelt him with questions, his bodyguards began to shove reporters out of the way as Cain and his entourage pushed forward.

In gaffe, Cain implies China does not have nuclear weapons


Herman Cain made another “misstatement” on PBS NewsHour last night, telling Judy Woodruff that China, which tested its first nuclear bomb in 1964, is “a military threat” because “they’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability.”

Here’s the full segment, with China comments at 10:48: YouTube Preview Image

Herman Cain at National Press Club


Herman Cain appeared at the National Press Club today and responded to allegations in a Politico report that he sexually harrased two women while leading the National Restaurant Association.

Huntsman daughters caricature Cain ad


Jon Huntsman’s three daughters impersonate Cain campaign manager Mark Block in this satirical take on Cain’s infamous smoking ad: YouTube Preview Image

Team Cain releases bizarre ad


A peculiar web ad for Herman Cain, starring his campaign manager, Mark Block, emerged late last night. In the video, Block explains his support for his boss — “I really believe that Herman Cain will put ‘United’ back in United States of America,” he says — before taking a drag of a cigarette and exhaling straight into the camera to the sudden tune of Krista Branch’s “I Am America.” Cain rounds out the ad with a long, unsettling smile. YouTube Preview Image

Who’s fueling the 2012 race?


Professional race car drivers wear their sponsors’ logos on their uniforms. What if presidential hopefuls did the same? Reuters Decoder takes a look at the candidates’ biggest corporate sponsors:

Karl Rove ridicules Cain, Perry on Fox News


Karl Rove appeared on Fox News this morning, where he outlined Herman Cain’s “misstatements” on a small dry erase board — among them, his comments on neoconservatives, abortion, and Afghan policy — and suggested he may not be “up to this task” of running for president.

Rove also criticized Rick Perry, who he said had “semi-aligned” himself with the “birther” movement in an interview with Parade magazine that was published over the weekend.

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