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Herman Cain thinks the Taliban are involved in Libya’s new government

On Friday Herman Cain, explaining his stumble on a question about Libya in a recent interview, suggested the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan are “going to be part of the government” in Libya.

“The question was too broad,” he told journalists at a stop in Florida. “And so I paused. And what they didn’t show was, I asked the reporter to be more specific. Well, he didn’t get more specific. His question was — and I hope you all show this or write about it — ‘Do you agree or disagree with President Obama on Libya?’ But what part?”

“Do I agree with siding with the opposition? Do I agree with saying that Gaddafi should go? Do I agree that they now have a country where you’ve got Taliban and Al Qaeda that’s going to be part of the government? Do I agree with not knowing the government was going to — which part was he asking me about? I was trying to get him to be specific and he wouldn’t be specific.”

Here’s the video, via CNN:

Herman Cain takes his time on Libya

We’ve all had moments where we are asked a question, and, though we are desperate not to admit it, we barely even know enough about the subject to give any sort of answer. It appears that that happened to Herman Cain today. Unfortunately for him, it happened on a question about one of the more significant foreign policy topics of this year.

During an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel‘s editorial board, Cain was asked, “So you agreed with President Obama on Libya, or not?” The following is a direct transcript of the first 65 seconds of Mr. Cain’s answer:

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