Political Theater

Texans for Rick Perry releases reel of vintage Perry campaign ads

October 27, 2011

Texans for Rick Perry has compiled a reel of the governor’s past campaign ads, including a couple from his 1990s runs for agriculture commissioner. “Sometimes your instincts tell you when a man is right for the job,” the narrator says in one commercial showing Perry in a variety of active poses, including saddling a horse with a lasso in hand. Another features his visit to a sausage factory and brands him “A Texas Natural.”

Who’s fueling the 2012 race?

October 24, 2011

Professional race car drivers wear their sponsors’ logos on their uniforms. What if presidential hopefuls did the same? Reuters Decoder takes a look at the candidates’ biggest corporate sponsors:

Karl Rove ridicules Cain, Perry on Fox News

October 24, 2011

Karl Rove appeared on Fox News this morning, where he outlined Herman Cain’s “misstatements” on a small dry erase board — among them, his comments on neoconservatives, abortion, and Afghan policy — and suggested he may not be “up to this task” of running for president.