Political Theater

Cain and his supporters joke about Anita Hill

November 11, 2011

Herman Cain was filmed joking about Anita Hill on Thursday, less than a day after he controversially referred to Rep. Nancy Pelosi as “Princess Nancy” and following a week he spent embroiled in numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

Sharon Bialek, new Herman Cain accuser, comes forward

November 7, 2011

While Herman Cain has been facing sexual harassment allegations for the past week, none of his accusers have spoken publicly. Until now.

Cain clashes with reporters

November 3, 2011

At an event at a Hilton hotel in Alexandria on Wednesday, Herman Cain grew annoyed with reporters asking questions about his sexual harassment settlements. As reporters continued to pelt him with questions, his bodyguards began to shove reporters out of the way as Cain and his entourage pushed forward.