Edit your life and win a green contest

Graham Hill’s latest design initiative, Life Edited, is a contest to renovate a 420 square-foot apartment in New York City in a way that will radically reduce your carbon footprint. With $70,000 in cash, prizes and a design contract, why not enter it?

Hill, who is the founder of TreeHugger.com, which is now a part of the Discovery network, is on a mission to help everybody get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in their lives. In New York City, this is particularly essential if you want to remain sane. A good way to start is by “ruthlessly editing,” as Hill says, your minimal personal space in a green way. Speaking from personal experience, it also clears some (much needed) space in your mind.

In New York, this shouldn’t be so hard to do. In fact, stripping your belongings down to the bare essentials is a regular occurrence given the limited space of most apartments and the fact that various furry — and not so furry — freeloaders find clutter to be a perfect place to set up home, as I recently discovered.

Life Edited’s motto is “make room for the good stuff,” and I have to say, simpler living definitely makes for a happier and easier life: there’s less to worry about. So, even if you aren’t that concerned about the greater environmental good, do it for yourself. And, in turn, you’ll be contributing to a larger cause. It’s interesting that sometimes a selfish act can help accomplish a more altruistic goal.