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Feb 24, 2015

Gunman kills eight in Czech restaurant then kills himself

UHERSKY BROD, Czech Republic (Reuters) – A local man shot dead eight people in a restaurant in an eastern Czech town on Tuesday and then killed himself, in the worst peacetime shooting in the country’s history, officials said.

The interior minister said the attack was done by an “insane murderer” and was not an act of terrorism.

Mar 13, 2012
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Batman and I


By Radovan Stoklasa

While reading a newspaper, I saw a photo of a man with a mask climbing a wall to get into an apartment. I thought it was a joke. After a few days I saw a television interview with him. The interview was quite interesting and I decided to meet him and find out whether it was a joke or if it was for real.

Getting out from the car in Dunajska Streda, a city in south Slovakia, I heard a strong male voice say “Hey you!” As I turned around I saw a huge indigenous gypsy. “Wanna see Batman?” he asked. I nodded.