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Sep 27, 2015

Canada election may be so close that it leads to political instability

OTTAWA (Reuters) – With Canada’s three main political parties all getting around 30 percent support in polls, the odds of a period of political instability after the October 19 election are rising.

It could also shed an awkward spotlight on the constitutional role played by Governor General David Johnston, who is Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in this member of the British Commonwealth.

Sep 26, 2015

Canada opposition Liberals vow crackdown on tax loopholes

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s opposition Liberal Party, under fire for promising to run budget deficits if they win an Oct 19 election, said on Saturday they would raise billions by cracking down on tax loopholes and trimming expenditure.

Most recent polls show the center-left Liberals stuck on around 30 percent with both the rival New Democrats and the ruling right-of-center Conservatives, who are trying to pull off a rare fourth consecutive victory.

Sep 25, 2015

Rivals accuse Canadian PM of pushing ban on veils to win votes

OTTAWA, Sept 24 (Reuters) – Canada’s two main opposition
leaders accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper in an election
debate on Thursday of trying to win votes by pushing a ban on
Muslim women’s face coverings during citizenship ceremonies.

Harper’s Conservatives, locked in a tight race with the New
Democrats and the Liberals ahead of an Oct. 19 election, say
people wishing to become Canadians must show their faces.

Sep 22, 2015

Canada Liberal leader: would not support a Conservative minority govt

MONTREAL, Sept 22 (Reuters) – The leader of Canada’s Liberal
Party, running tied in polls ahead of an October election, said
on Tuesday there are no circumstances under which he would
support a Conservative minority government and Prime Minister
Stephen Harper.

Canadians are heading into an election with support for the
three main parties unusually divided, suggesting one of the
parties could end up with a minority government. That has raised
questions over how long that government could survive.

Sep 21, 2015

Canada opposition NDP says would keep F-35 in race for new jets

OTTAWA, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Canada’s opposition New
Democrats on Monday defended Lockheed Martin Corp’s
right to try to sell Ottawa new fighter jets after a rival said
he would not buy the company’s F-35 plane if he won the Oct. 19

Canada’s tortuous and controversial effort to replace its
aging CF-18 fighters has run into repeated problems and is now
part of a tight election race between the ruling Conservatives
and the New Democrats and Liberals, both on the center-left.

Sep 18, 2015

Canadian PM, on campaign offensive, bashes rivals over economy

OTTAWA, Sept 17 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen
Harper, taking the offensive after an election campaign marred
by setbacks and missteps, on Thursday said his rivals would
badly damage the economy if they took power.

With polls showing a tight three-way race ahead of the Oct.
19 vote, Harper needs to break away from his two center-left
opponents if his right-leaning Conservatives are to have any
chance of extending their near 10-year term in office.

Sep 16, 2015

Canada New Democrats to limit corporate tax hike

OTTAWA, Sept 16 (Reuters) – Canada’s left-leaning New
Democratic Party will raise the corporate tax rate from the
current 15 percent to something less than 17.5 percent in its
first term in office if it wins the Oct. 19 federal election, an
NDP official said on Wednesday.

This is less than the party’s 2011 pledge to boost the
corporate tax rate to 19.5 percent. The NDP’s fiscal framework
was scheduled for release on Wednesday afternoon ahead of a
leaders’ debate on Thursday on economic policy.

Sep 14, 2015

Canada posts budget surplus in 2014-15, earlier than expected

OTTAWA, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Canada posted a budget surplus
in 2014-15 to end a string of deficits a year earlier than
expected, final numbers showed on Monday, bringing welcome news
for the Conservatives’ re-election campaign.

The country had a surplus of C$1.9 billion ($1.4 billion),
the finance department’s Annual Financial Report of the
Government of Canada showed. The deficit had been projected at
C$2.0 billion in the most recent budget released in April.

Sep 9, 2015

Bank of Canada holds rate, says past cuts still helping

OTTAWA, Sept 9 (Reuters) – The Bank of Canada kept its key
interest rate at 0.5 percent on Wednesday, declaring its
previous two rate cuts were still stimulating an economy that is
benefiting from solid household spending and a firm U.S.

It posted the important caveat that increasing uncertainty
about growth prospects in China and other emerging markets were
raising questions about the pace of global recovery.

Sep 5, 2015

G20 eyes faster economic reforms as cheap credit not enough for growth

ANKARA, Sept 5 (Reuters) – Financial leaders from the
world’s 20 biggest economies agreed on Saturday to step up
reform efforts to boost disappointingly slow growth, saying
reliance on ultra-low interest rates would not be enough to
accelerate economic expansion.

But they also said they were confident growth would pick up
and, as a result, interest rates in “some advanced economies” —
code for the United States — would have to rise.