Not a day for a car show at World Financial Center

September 15, 2008

Motorexpo New YorkThe timing could have been better for the luxury car show at the World Financial Center in New York, home to Merrill Lynch & Co.

The Motorexpo opened on Monday — the morning after Merrill employees were shocked to hear their company was being bought by Bank of America, marking the end of the storied name in American finance.

Nikki Gold, a promoter for the Motorexpo, handing out brochures at the entrance to Merrill’s headquarters, said “A lot of people are in a really sour mood — the people you expect to take the brochures aren’t taking them.”

Those who did take the brochures joked about it, she said.

“They say things like: ‘Good luck with the Expo!’, ‘Don’t know if I can afford this now’, ‘We’ll see if we have a job tomorrow’” she said.

The Motorexpo features Aston Martins, Bentleys and Porsches — but the luxury cars weren’t getting much attention on Monday as Merrill employees were very much focused on other things.  

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