Liveblogging the Chrysler bankruptcy hearing

By Reuters Staff
May 20, 2009

Reuters’ Emily Chasan will be sending live updates from the Chrysler bankruptcy hearing, scheduled to begin at 11:00 am on Wednesday. Read her updates on DealZone or follow the DealZone Twitter account.


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The proposed dealership closing list will leave two MSAs in Utah without a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealer. These are the Ogden-Clearfield MSA and the St. George-Cedar City MSA. All of Southwestern Utah, over 100,000 people, would not have a dealership. Hundreds of thousands of people in the North Davis County / Weber County areas could not purchase a new Chrysler product or have warranty work done without a 40 to 60 mile round trip. In Southern Utah, the distances increase to as much as 120 miles or more round trip. Is this what Chrysler wants to keep customers?

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The Chrysler hearing is a major test of whether this is a nation of laws, administered impartially, or a nation of men.If the Obama Administration is permitted to roll over the vested property rights of the Indiana Pensioners and ignore decades of bankruptcy law merely because of political expediency, our Nation will be traveling down a dangerous path.The Indiana Pensioners are entitled to obtain in chapter 11 at least as much as they would in a chapter 7 liquidation. Using a Section 363 sale to evade the “best interest of the creditors” test and to give the UAW’s unsecured claims a de facto superpriority is contrary to law. The Obama Administration’s actions in the Chrysler bankruptcy, if allowed to stand mock bankruptcy law and shread the Constitution.While none of us want to see Chrysler die, if the price of keeping it alive is disregarding bankruptcy law, property rights, and the Constitution, its temporary survival is too costly to our Republic.


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