Live blog of the Chrysler bankruptcy hearing

By Reuters Staff
June 9, 2009

Reuters will be sending live updates from the Chrysler bankruptcy hearing, on the automaker’s plan to reject 789 dealership franchises, expected soon after 0830 ET. Read the updates below or follow us on Twitter.

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The lawyers should also mention that Chrysler is already trying to sell the franchises taken away from the 789 dealers.


Do you have proof that disenfranchised Dealer points are being sold????

Posted by Darrin Larson | Report as abusive

How can this be happening in America in 2009?

This administration, Chrysler Executives,Need to look hard at the lives this is affecting.

Chrysler is using their lack of management skills to ruin the lives of other hardworking people.

Kids will be reading about this in their history books as one of the biggest financial disasters in the history of America, The US Government running a car manufacturing plant. Give me a break, they can’t even run the country, let a lone a free enterprise such as Chrysler.

What has happened to the passion in America, and time tested truths such as Honesty, American Dream, Intergrity, Values etc?

Greed is what is controlling this enterprise.

This is immoral, un-ethical, and Un-American.

Posted by Phil Painter | Report as abusive

During the Senate hearings, it was brought up more than once. That they were closing single points and combining them all in one. If you pay attention to the dealer’s testimony, they spoke of 3 dealers in Waco TX getting closed down and a person from out of state coming in and building a new facility with all three points in it. You watch, I run a dealer in Schenectady county NY, there will be a new point owned by someone other than my owner. They will have the point that they took away from my owner, and he will get nothing!

Posted by Bob Lyman | Report as abusive

Now if we can cancel contracts with UAW, we can get somewhere. Otherwise a fake bankruptcy. Also, I would like to declare BK and get rid off all my debts and keep my money. Where do I go?
Fake bankruptcies, fake car companies, fake banks, all make me ill. REAL bankruptcies start soon, minus 100′s billions of taxpayers money.—STUPID STUPID STUPID

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

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