Live blogging the GM bankruptcy hearing

By Reuters Staff
July 1, 2009

General Motors is back in bankruptcy court on Wednesday, seeking approval to sell its choice assets to a “New GM” in a plan to reinvigorate the automaker under U.S. government ownership.

Reuters reporters Emily Chasan and Phil Wahba will be filing updates from the hearing in the live headline box below and on the DealZone Twitter feed.

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This is a great idea. Posting updates rather than trying to find out the information elsewhere.


The rights of car crash victims to pursue justice and compensation for injuries that may have been caused by needlessly unsafe and defectively designed GM vehicles, must not be taken away by the Auto Task Force in their rush to maximize GM\’s future profitability. Remember, the U.S. Government…. that\’s really \”we the people\” will own about 60-percent of the so-called New GM…. and we must ensure our 7th Amendment rights to present our case to a jury. These rights must not be taken away by financial wizards who comprise the Auto Task Force and who seek to protect the Wall Street financial interests, to the detriment of the well-established legal rights of injured car crash victims to present their case in court. As a national auto safety expert for 40 years, I know of many unsafe GM vehicles that have cost too many American lives.

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If the U.S. government under Obama prohibits seriously injured people from seeking financial support through liability litigation it will be a travesty of justice. This would be tantamount to adding, not insult, but betrayal (of democratic values) and cruelty to injury. Such a policy would value corporate money over injured people’s needs.

Posted by Lou | Report as abusive

Has anyone seen this site for GM car and truck parts ? Will they still be open?

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