Now Musk blogs on his divorce

July 9, 2010

Following in his estranged wife’s footsteps, electric carmaker Tesla’s colorful co-founder and Chief Elon Musk is now blogging about his messy divorce. In a lengthy recounting in the Huffington Post, Musk said he wants to ”correct the record” on his personal life but would “rather  stick a fork in my hand” than do it.

“Much as one may wish for privacy, in the 21st century it just doesn’t exist,” he said.


Musk then goes on to counter what he called “awful things…that are simply false” point-by-point in about 1,600 words. Among the main things he addressed were his finances and how he met his girlfriend.

Musk’s estranged wife and author of supernatural thrillers, Justine Musk, is seeking 10 percent of her husband’s stake in the carmaker in a contentious divorce case that has gone on for two years.  Musk has also said in court documents relating to the divorce that he was out of cash and lived off loans from friends.  The couple have five sons together.

Musk stressed that the report of him being broke was not ”some sort of strategy in the divorce” but was a result of his efforts to save the carmaker in 2007.

“Rather than allow Tesla to die, I committed almost all my cash reserves to the company, leaving a few million dollars to cover living expenses,” he said in the blog. “I own no homes (not even my residence at this point), yachts or expensive artwork. My clothes are mostly jeans and t-shirts and I almost never take vacations, apart from kid related travel.”

Musk rents a home in the ritzy Bel-Air neighborhood ofg Los Angeles. (To know more on Tesla and Musk, here’s Reuters Special Report:

  Musk said the legal fees relating to the divorce proceedings forced him to seek loan from friends.  
“The legal and accounting bills for the divorce total four million dollars so far, which is an average of roughly $170,000 per month for the past 24 months,” he wrote.

He also sought to correct the stories that said he “ran off with an actress,” saying there was “no third party involved in the break-up at all.”

He had filed for divorce before he met his current girlfriend Talulah Riley, he added.

For the full saga, here’s the link:

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“Leaving a few million dollars to cover living expenses.” That kills me. How deluded and nonsensical. Millions of people live well on thousands and many more live on less. This joker needs millions. Here you go, pal. Here’s a quarter. Get a clue.

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Cry me a river. This was a welcome diversion to my very own saga today!

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