Workers weld steel bars at a factory in Huaibei, Anhui province, February 28, 2010. REUTERS/China DailyResource nationalism, China’s continuing hunger for commodities and the endless search for growth were dominant themes at the Mining and Steel Summit. Here are some stories from the summit:

Miners grapple with resource nationalism
China keen to invest in SAfrica mines
AngloGold may split ops, eyes Americas
Movie “Avatar” has few fans among mining execs

Great reads from the Web:

Bankruptcy Watch: Waiting for the Next Big Wave (WSJ)
“It is fashionable to look at the relative dearth in recent bankruptcy activity and declare an end to the financial crisis’s restructuring wave.” – WSJ

Buyout Firms Can’t Spend $503 Billion as Fund Deadlines Loom (Bloomberg)
“Buyout funds sitting on half a trillion dollars committed by investors may need more than a decade to put the money to work if mergers and acquisitions continue at the current pace.” – Bloomberg

Jones Soda and Reeds Merger Lacks Fizz (Seeking Alpha)
“On of my favorite Charlie Munger quotes is ‘When you mix raisins and turds, you still have turds.’ This statement pretty much sums up my thoughts on the merger of Jones Soda and Reeds Inc.” – Seeking Alpha

The Price of Admission
(Columbia Journalism Review)
“For all its flaws, Too Big to Fail remains a work of extraordinary reportage that gives readers access to some of the nation’s most powerful financial figures. It’s also a reminder, however, that on Wall Street, nothing is ever free.” – Columbia Journalism Review