People walk past the Pfizer World headquaters in New York, February 3, 2010. REUTERS/Brendan McDermidPfizer has agreed to buy King Pharmaceuticals for $3.6 billion. *View article *View WSJ blog on who’s benefiting from the deal *View Forbes blog on why the deal seems bad for Genzyme

L’Oreal may be bidding for Avon, the Daily Mail reported. Avon shares jumped 6 percent on the news. *View article

The Australia dollar’s surge to 28-year highs could cause  a headache for Foster’s wine business bidders. *View article

Google is investing in a proposed underwater electric cable to join future offshore wind projects to the East Coast power grid. It’s an investment in “a superhighway for clean energy,” according to Google. *View article

A consortium of Chinese companies may make a rival bid for Potash. Andrew Ross Sorkin reports the politically charged subtext is: “Do we really want the Chinese to control the company that has the largest capacity to produce fertilizer?” *View article