Cuban would like to own the Dodgers

dodgersMark Cuban lost out in the fight for the Chicago Cubs. But that didn’t get him down — he told the Los Angeles Times on Monday he would consider buying the Los Angeles Dodgers if the terms were right.

Now the Dodgers are not on the block, but a divorce proceeding between the owners — Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie — has sparked speculation about the team’s future.

McCourt says a post-nuptial agreement gives him sole ownership and that the team is not for sale. But his wife says she is a co-owner and lawyer said she has lined up financing to buy out McCourt’s stake. While the two go at it, Cuban not-so-quietly told the newspaper he has received requests from fans asking him to buy the team.

“I’m not a fan of debt-driven acquisitions,” Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks wrote to the newspaper. “If a unique situation came up where I could contribute capital to buy out a majority shareholder and gain control, with existing shareholders or note holders staying in place, I would consider it.”

The McCourts announced their separation last month, after her husband fired her as chief executive of the team. Her husband claimed she was having an affair with her bodyguard-driver and was doing a poor job in her role as chief executive.

from MediaFile:

Hi, I’m Gregory Lee, banker for The New York Times

We've heard in recent days that The New York Times has gotten some interest in its stake in the Boston Red Sox, but it seems like whatever offers are being discussed, they must not be enough for the publisher.

In the murky, mysterious world of mergers and acquisitions, companies and their bankers and financial advisers tend to operate far below the radar -- only surfacing to leak the news in The Wall Street Journal that a deal is close at hand.

Not this time. While the Journal did get the tip-off back in December, the Times on Wednesday simply issued a press release inviting all comers to take a look at the stake. Not only that, the Times published the name of the Goldman Sachs banker handling the sale, along with his phone number. Usually, as a reporter, you have to cash in lots of chips to get digits like that.