Motorexpo New YorkThe timing could have been better for the luxury car show at the World Financial Center in New York, home to Merrill Lynch & Co.

The Motorexpo opened on Monday — the morning after Merrill employees were shocked to hear their company was being bought by Bank of America, marking the end of the storied name in American finance.

Nikki Gold, a promoter for the Motorexpo, handing out brochures at the entrance to Merrill’s headquarters, said “A lot of people are in a really sour mood — the people you expect to take the brochures aren’t taking them.”

Those who did take the brochures joked about it, she said.

“They say things like: ‘Good luck with the Expo!’, ‘Don’t know if I can afford this now’, ‘We’ll see if we have a job tomorrow’” she said.

The Motorexpo features Aston Martins, Bentleys and Porsches — but the luxury cars weren’t getting much attention on Monday as Merrill employees were very much focused on other things.