MISS-UNIVERSE-2008/ The sunny, secretive Cayman Islands have an image to protect. Bracing for a crush of reporters looking for comments a few weeks before a G20 meeting that may target tax havens like the Caymans, the island’s financial officials have a message for hedge funds and others who might get grumpy with a flood of nosy scribblers: don’t muss us.

Among the presentation tips for dealing with “surprise” or uncomfortable encounters, the island’s Portfolio of Finance & Economics sent around this week:

–Remain calm and pleasant.

–Keep eye contact with the reporter.  Do not look directly into the camera, especially when speaking.

–Do not put your hands over your face or push away a camera.  And do not in any way make physically aggressive movements.

–Use bridging statements to respond to inquiries: “We are not in a position to meet right now, but would be happy to take down your questions and get back to you with answers,” which can then be provided in writing.  It’s OK to repeat this sentiment ideally, varying the phrasing: “I’m not the best person for this topic but…”