If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, to what can we compare the difficult task of dancing about a stock exchange?

The Buglisi Dance Theatre took on the challenge this week, performing “Under the Buttonwood Tree.com (A Frenzy on the Floor)” on a stage in front of the New York Stock Exchange’s American flag-covered facade.

It began with a gold-bedecked woman, who rang a gong (a la the opening bell) while flanked by a squad of men carrying green flags. The dance company then performed a 35 minute history of the NYSE, from the Buttonwood Agreement of 1792 to the end of World War II. That’s right: no mention of the Dick Grasso years, or haunting pas de deux to represent disappearing floor traders.

The group’s energetic performance could open up a whole new world of financial commentary. How about the Bear Stearns saga as tragic ballet? Or the Microsoft-Yahoo follies? Add your own suggestions in the comments section.

In the video clip below, the narrators solemnly recite the dire events of World War I.