Apollo’s Huntsman problem keeps on giving

danprimackThe dispute over the dead Huntsman deal is going further than litigation over the break-up fee.

Apollo was seen by some as getting off lightly by settling the deal for $1 billion rather than slugging it out in court. But LPs might not be so happy about how they’re handling who pays the various pieces of that. Dan Primack at our sister publication PEHUB reports the details here.

IPO by U.K. buyout firm an ocean apart

It’s enough to make Leon Black, Henry Kravis and Stephen Schwarzman jealous.

UK-based buyout firm Resolution, founded by entrepreneur Clive Cowdery, has not only launched a rare IPO – it raised £600 billion ($889 million) last week- but the deal enjoyed a 15 percent “pop” in its trading debut on the London Stock Exchange Wednesday.

The buyout fund will target U.K. insurance and asset management companies in deals in the range of £3 to 5 billion. And that may be part of why the IPO did well: The U.K. insurance sector has underperformed the market with companies contending with lower valuations.