Pfizer’s at it again. The world’s largest drugmaker by revenue has set its sights on rival Wyeth and the two are talking about a deal that could be valued at more than $60 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Pfizer was built in the last 10 years on two of the biggest deals in the sector — the purchase of rivals Warner Lambert and Pharmacia.

And another big deal would not come as a surprise. Some analysts and investors have made pleas to the company to make another acquisition to obtain products to prepare for an expected loss in earnings in 2011, when the patent on its flagship cholesterol drug Lipitor expires.

But a deal may not be a panacea to its problems, and Chief Executive Jeff Kindler has said so in as many words.

“Business development — whether it is a small deal, a medium-sized deal or a large deal, is an enabler for strategies. It is not a strategy in and of itself,” he told Reuters Health Summit last November.