Interview with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt

General Electric CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Immelt gives a speech during a conference on "Establishing healthcare as a source of growth" in Tokyo May 31, 2010.  REUTERS/Yuriko NakaoWatch Reuters Editor at Large Chrystia Freeland’s interview with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Immelt met Chinese President Hu Jintao today and GE is reporting quarterly results this Friday. What’s Immelt’s vision for the manufacturing giant? See the discussion below.

Live blogging the GM bankruptcy hearing

General Motors is back in bankruptcy court on Wednesday, seeking approval to sell its choice assets to a “New GM” in a plan to reinvigorate the automaker under U.S. government ownership.

Reuters reporters Emily Chasan and Phil Wahba will be filing updates from the hearing in the live headline box below and on the DealZone Twitter feed.

Live coverage of Bernie Madoff sentencing

Welcome to our live coverage of the Bernie Madoff sentencing. Reuters journalists are outside and inside the Manhattan court where the admitted thief will hear his punishment for running Wall Street’s biggest and most brazen investment scheme.’s intern, Franz Strasser, is sending us updates from the scene that you can follow in the live headline box below.

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Update: The live coverage has now ended, but you can still leave a comment below.