has compiled a list of unappreciated heroes of the financial crisis: “Some Good Names in a Year Gone Bad.”

Can you match up the undersung HOFers with their acts of contrarian bravery, as selected by breakingviews’ Antony Currie, Rob Cox and (formerly of Reuters) Jeffrey Goldfarb?

1. Tom Scholar

2. Jeff Kronthal

3. Harry Markopolos

4. Peter Wuffli

5. Greg Fleming

6. Jed Rakoff

A. Options trader who warned the SEC about Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme

B. Merrill Lynch executive who warned his bosses about taking on too much risk

C. Former Merrill president who convinced CEO John Thain to accept an acquisition by Bank of America

D. Federal judge who challenged a settlement between the SEC and Bank of America

E. Former UBS boss who gave up a 12 million Swiss frank bonus after being ousted for, ahem, being too risk-averse