Noted: Resources M&A to pick up, Deloitte says

Deloitte’s Energy and Resources group says M&A in these sectors could return to “pre-recession levels” by 2011. In particular, it says the rise of big state-backed rivals is putting pressure on large mining groups, in much the same way Big Oil came under pressure a decade ago. From the group’s 2010 predictions report:

“During 2009, mining M&A has been led by the junior or mid-level players, which have to consolidate if they want to stay alive and not be swallowed up by the bigger firms. Indeed, many anticipate that the mining sector will continue to consolidate until there are a handful of supermajor firms like there are in oil & gas.

“Large mining companies will increasingly need to buy rivals and subsequently sell off assets to gain synergies if they are to compete with state-owned companies, particularly those from China.

“These conditions mirror those encountered by large oil companies a decade ago, when massive consolidation swept the industry in response to the rise of national oil companies (NOCs) such as Saudi Aramco, Gazprom,Petrobras, and others.”

But what are the deals? Anglo-Xstrata is off (for now), as is BHP-Rio. Maybe it’s just a matter of time. Anyhow, in oil and power the team say:

from Funds Hub:

Distressed investing: surprises at every turn

Library photo of A worker of Electricite de France repairs damaged cables caused by a winter storm in Bayonne REUTERS/Regis Duvignau (FRANCE)Investing in a company in trouble is rarely for the faint-hearted, as the funds lending to Eggborough power station know.

Earlier today France's EDF, Eggborough's current owner, confirmed lenders to the coal-fired power station planned to exercise their option to buy the Yorkshire plant for about 190 million pounds.

The lenders, which include Bluebay Value Recovery Fund, took on the debt following an earlier restructuring of the company. Reports suggest that despite the low acquisition price, Eggborough may be worth as much as a billion pounds.