The Motorola logo is seen on the companies corporate headquarters in Schaumberg, Illinois, February 3, 2009. REUTERS/John Gress

Nokia Siemens Networks is buying Motorola’s telecom network equipment business, boosting its position in North America and taking the number two spot in the cut-throat mobile gear market.  * View article * View factbox

Business Insider looks back at Nokia passing on a Palm deal and calls it possibly “one of the dumbest moves in handset history.” *  View article

Labored over for a year, the Wall Street reform bill may not allow President Barack Obama to reap political rewards – at least not in the near term. Some see the overhaul of the financial regulatory system as too complex to resonate with voters. *  View article

With President Barack Obama set to sign Wall Street reforms into law on Wednesday, Roger Altman gives some pointers on how government and business can get along in a NYT Op/Ed article. The New Yorker takes a look at White House special adviser Paul Volcker. VentureBeat asks what effect will the financial reform bill have on angel investing?