DROIDSpotting a trend is an essential skill for M&A reporters. Is the sector consolidating? Collapsing? Where will the next deal be? Following is a list of M&A stories and the trends they may foretell.

More takeovers likely for hard-hit satnav firms
“Following several takeovers, remaining players in the satellite navigation sector are rethinking strategies and some are set to sell out under pressure to survive, industry sources and analysts say.”

New doubts surface over AIG’s $2.2 billion Nan Shan deal (Reuters)
“The bid raised concern among Taiwanese politicians about the mainland’s intentions toward Taiwan, which Beijing views as a renegade province.”

Duane Reade and Its Road to Health
“But Duane Reade is as much a story about selling milk and toothpaste at 2 a.m. as it is about Wall Street, financial engineering and shifts in the private equity industry.” – NYT

Tengzhong may buy Hummer via offshore vehicle (Reuters)
“Support from Beijing has been critical for Chinese firms that have embarked on a series of deals to pick up distressed assets from a global auto industry reeling from overcapacity and sharply depressed demand during the worldwide recession.”

Wal-Mart Adds Its Clout to Movie Streaming
“The acquisition adds a forceful player to what is already a crowded field of companies aiming to deliver streamed entertainment to the living room.” – NYT