(From Sarah Young at Acquisitions Monthly)

This week has seen policy-makers on both sides of the Atlantic contemplate the future of the banking industry.

Yesterday, Switzerland’s central bank joined the discussion. It is one country that truly knows the meaning of too big to fail – the combined assets of Credit Suisse and UBS were last year equivalent to six times Swiss GDP.

The restructuring and M&A activity that would come about should regulators introduce restrictions on the size of banks, or push for the division of investment and retail banking, must have deal advisers’ eyes watering with the thought of the fees that would be up for grabs.

But enforced disentangling of enormous banking groups seems somewhat improbable, or at least a long way off, so for now advisers will have to content themselves with the prospect of heightened disposal activity by banks.

It’s no secret that banks such as Lloyds Banking Group and RBS will consider selling off assets in the coming years to satisfy the conditions of the UK government’s investment – to boost capital and free up lending capacity – in both institutions.