buffett-lucci.jpgWhen you’re embroiled in an insider trading scandal and have been unfairly labeled a fugitive, who you gonna call?

Warren Buffett!

The Sage of Omaha is set to appear for a second time on the soap opera mainstay “All My Children,” coming to the aid of the character Erica Kane.

Buffett will play himself in an episode set to air during the May sweeps, following his first appearance on the show in 1992. Buffett and the creator of “All My Children,” Agnes Nixon, are friends, and the investment magnate is a fan of the show, said an “All My Children” spokesman.

Spoiler alert: Kane, played by Susan Lucci, recently pleaded guilty to insider trading — a crime she unintentionally committed — but ended up a fugitive when another convict she was handcuffed to escaped en route to prison. Buffett will enter the plot after Erica’s capture and imprisonment when he is called upon by their mutual friend, Opal (Jill Larson), to use his influence to try to leverage a deal on Erica’s behalf. The outcome, however, is not what Erica had anticipated.

Dun, dun, DUN!

Buffett will be paid union scale salary of roughly $700, bringing his net worth to approximately $62,000,000,700.