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February 13, 2007

Welcome to the Reuters Photographers blog. We would like to make this a meeting place for people who love photography – a place where we can have a discussion about Reuters pictures, talk about your own images, encourage quality photography and exchange ideas.

The blog will be run by one of our most experienced photo editors, David Viggers (in the picture), with regular contributions by some of the best photographers and editors in the business.

Our You Witness site has been up and running for a couple of months now and we have received hundreds of excellent pictures. We will regularly talk about these images.

The best and most newsworthy pictures will be used on the Reuters wire and could end up on the front pages of newspapers around the world.

Tom Szlukovenyi is Reuters Global Pictures News Editor


Great David Viggers ! After years of taking pics for the frenchies ( Gamma/Sygma) you brought me to the AP office in Lisbon Portugal ( remember my name is also João da Silva) a few years ago and I thank you very much because it was a wonderful time and I learn a lot about what is and it is not true photojournalism. God damn, I can books about how excellent are Reuters AFP Ap photographs ( how they inform and illustrate and also enlive newspapers and magazine readers ) and after that 4 years of an unique experience I tagged another title to my visitor card: (Ex) Wire News Photographer.
Let you know that after that, I staffed for O Jornal then I edited stuff for a magazine and also co owned a tiny news/features agency but it all went to an end when digital came. Then I worked as a writer for several local papers but I’m always and always be a photographer and I miss it a lot. I almost got a vacant place at Rex Features in London but then it failed. Anyway I bought a new 10mp Canon Eos and a spare body ( a new affordable digital) and maybe I will start it all from Zero at almost sixty yeras old. Do you remember Peter Wise ? We still are good friends…well I’m sorry to bother you with nostalgia but as I saw your picture, I couldn’t stop but write to you. Hope you in good shape and family ok !!!! Best Regards from an old pal from Lisbon joão

Posted by Joao | Report as abusive

Hallo David,

this is cool. You are the right man for the blog.
Reuters finally is getting – without leaving the values behind what it is standing for since more than 150 years – a cool, up-to-date and inspired company. I will blog as much as I possibly can.
cheers and ALL the best

Posted by Wolfgang Rattay | Report as abusive

This is great. Great picture and moment that can be share with other photographer. Keep it up.


Hi David,

It is nice to see an organisation like Reuters doing a photo blog!

Though actually, I would like to write about your ‘citizen photo-journalists’. This is a nice idea, especially in these days of interaction, etc.

However, I read the contract you offer on these and I think you should reorganise how you accept photos not simply from regular stringers and staffers, but freelancers like me!

We sometimes get a nice pic that would do well on your service and it used to be the case you could sell images to Reuters, AP or AFP on a MAGS OUT basis, which suits us well, as sometimes we don’t have the infrastructure to send the images to tons of different desks who we don’t contact much.

Not too say that we never have stuff that they would love and no one else has. Usually on those of us who formerly were filing into Sipa Press, Gamma, etc, would often sell the odd photo to Reuters, though now it is all-rights and off to Getty or whoever afterwards.

In my opinion, while some citizen pjs may produce the odd stunning pic, it would be better to buy those in too, as to ensure you get the best.

With us professionals, a small fee per image for newspaper and web distribution license for a set period would be welcome, especially by freelancers , who have a very hard time these days.

You may also be interested to know that Reuters is a subject of a news article in my new photo-journalism magazine: Lightroom Magazine.

The URL is oom-Magazine.html


Hi Jonathan,

Your encouragement is much appreciated. I hope we can maintain your interest and that of Lightroom Magazine in future.

Reuters welcomes contributions from photographers like yourself, on the kind of terms you describe, as we always have. While it is easier for us if images can be moved across all the media we serve, we routinely carry pictures with commercial or geographical exclusions, to which we have limited rights or specific license. We pay royalties to freelancers on any sales of their pictures from the Reuters Pictures archive.

Any photographer interested in contributing to Reuters occasionally or otherwise should contact the Reuters Chief Photographer in the nearest time zone to discuss the practicalities and to establish the simplest and most effective way of doing it. I look forward to seeing their pictures.

In the meantime I would welcome suggestions concerning was in which we could develop this blog.

Posted by David Viggers | Report as abusive

Hi David,

Thanks for the info, I will consider it in future business plans.

It is nice to know that you have a fairly equitable system with regard to licenses and rights restrictions.

I now have a few contributors to my photo agency and this is an interesting option for timely material.

I’m sure others will find the info useful too. As wire agencies are not always best at advertising their terms for freelance contributions.

You may also be interested to know that Lightroom Magazine has been updated for the April / May issue and has an article about grabbing 16MP stills from High Definition video cameras. The URL is: oom-Magazine.html


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