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Reuters cameraman killed in Gaza

By Reuters Staff
April 16, 2008

(Note: Reuters Editor-in-Chief David Schlesinger sent this note to all Reuters journalists today after cameraman Fadel Shana was killed along with two civilians in the Gaza Strip. Full story here)

I’m very sorry to report that 23-year-old Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana was killed on Wednesday in what appeared to be an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip.

Our hearts obviously go out to his family, as we mourn another loss in our journalistic family. Our thoughts are with his colleagues in Israel and in Gaza who must go on repshana_2.jpgorting even when surrounded by tragedy.

I’ve called for an immediate and complete investigation into the incident. We know, of course, that journalism is a dangerous business. We know, of course, that we rush into danger when others rush away. We know, of course, that accidents happen.

But I also believe sincerely and absolutely that all of us — news organizations, governments and the military — have an obligation to make reporting safer and to take the utmost care when professional journalists are doing fadel_shana.jpgtheir jobs.

It is, of course, striking that this tragedy occurred on the last day for Reuters as it has been and the day before Thomson Reuters begins as a news and information power in the world. I can but reflect on our more than a century and a half of bravery and sacrifice in the service of the news, and to vow that Reuters news in the new company will forge a new tradition, building on the old, that we can all be incredibly proud of.


sorry to hear that. so sad.


This is really sad.


Posted by Ajay Kamalakaran | Report as abusive

Reporters such as Fadel are so brave, yet so vulnerable. My heart goes out to his family, and the Reuters family.

Posted by Jon Roberts | Report as abusive

fadel reaaly u will stay in our herts.sorry to shanna`afamily

Posted by roula sheikh | Report as abusive

As a former Reuters correspondent in Latin America, a very dangerous working place for reporters dodging bullets and drug lords, I am very sad to hear that another journalist has been killed.

Posted by Ricardo Ritter | Report as abusive

My heartfelt condolences to his family, and Reuter’s Gaza bureau. Thoughts and prayers are with you

Posted by Nu'man El-Bakri | Report as abusive

Heartbreaking news – my thoughts are with his family and fellow Reuters staff tonight.

Posted by Johan Abrahamsson | Report as abusive

Rest in peace, Fadel
Condolences to your family, friends and collegues

Posted by Dario | Report as abusive

What a sad foot note in the History of Reuters on its last day as an independent firm! As a resident of the Middle East and former Reuter Staffer, my condolences go out to Fadel’s family.

Posted by Mike Stokes | Report as abusive

News such as this always makes one every sad. I think many people do not appreciate the hard work and risks journalists take. Journalisms suffers from an ‘image problem.’

However the killing of Fadel Shana shows the risks brave journalists have and continue to take in order to bring the truth to the world.

May his soul rest in peace and peace to his family and everyone grieved.


My deepest condolences to Mr. Shana’s family, friends and colleagues.


This is very sad…..this happens daily in Gaza by IDF and unless it is a public figurs, the world doe not pay enough attention….Let us pray for his family and for the just peace in the Holy Land

Posted by Abou Abed | Report as abusive

im gonna miss you fadel…
that’s how israel treat the journalist and respect them..


Thanks for the news you bring to us. I hope in the future your job will be safer. RIP

Posted by Pablo | Report as abusive

First of all, my condolences.
But I don´t think that making diferences between governaments and military is fair enough for this last ones. the real thing is that military forces just obey whar our politicians order.
By the way, it is not a matter of working in a dangerous place, it is a matter of beeing un a dangeorus place with no difference wether you are working or just living in.

Posted by suarez | Report as abusive

News cameramen are a catalyst for violence. I just don’t know how they can stand there and watch people kill each other.

Posted by William Fowler | Report as abusive

Well put David Schelsinger! Reuters journalist–whether from TV, pix or print–are the finest I have had the pleasure to work with. Sadly, they have had to visit the death or injury of colleagues all too often whether in the Gaza strip or elsewhere, like Sierra Leone. But Reuters journalists KNOW Reuters Editorial Management BELIEVES “When things are at their worst, we must be at our best” in handling such situations. Your note was an excellent demonstration of that–an honest statement to colleagues who care about each other, instead of an opportunity to express a particular position or bent. I hope you will NEVER have to write such a note again, but if you do, I hope you will handle it with the same sincerity and class. Simply put, it was “spot on!”

My condolences to ALL of Editorial (Fadel Shana’s work family)on its loss as well as his family and friends outside Reuters. Best of luck as Thomson Reuters. CRF

Posted by Cherie Forster | Report as abusive

My heartfelt condolences to Mr. Shana’s family, friends and colleagues. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


another talented young life lost needlessly. when will it all end?

Posted by m davis | Report as abusive

Fadel..really i cant find any thing to say it ..just the fact ..Fadel is dead R.I.P

Posted by Nidal Bulbul | Report as abusive

Note that the NYU has not reported the illegal cluster munitions that killed your cameraman


It’s so heartbreaking to hear this, I hope that the investigation is pursued and Fadel’s killers are held fully accountable.

On another note, I can’t believe the gall of bloggers, with the last paragraph of this post…. what an inopportune time to promote Reuters’ new corporate structure.


I was horrified at the tragedy of the young man. I did in fact create a tribute video the same day he was murdered (search YouTube for ‘fadel shana’.

I will be posting a message today in my website about my reaction to what Reuters Editor-in-Chief David Schlesinger had to say. There was no outrage or emotion as he spoke. What he said about journalists being in danger throughout the world seemed to me to be a lame attempt to minimize the criminality of those who murdered him. Where in the world did he think journalists were being slaughtered by missile attacks? He attempted to make it an ordinary daily event. What part of the world was he referring to when he said [this is a tragic incident that really shows the risk that journalists take everyday around the world.] He was asking the killers to do the investigation.


Staying 1.5km distance from the tank and pointing unknown object on it in the war zone is stupid behavior. Referring to blue jacket as a TV reporter protection, when sometimes islamic terrorists use similar dress is even more stupid argument. The editor in chief is profoundly ignorant person without any understanding what a war means. It is not a computer game, but a fight for life yourself and your comrades. And by the way, any police do the same in similar situation. The best advise is do not go to the war zone. About criminality: those journalists who publish intentionally fake and lie information of Israel and IDF, including Reuters, are criminals.

Posted by Mark Bernadiner | Report as abusive

Dear editor-in chief you are right to say so, i’m sorry what israel did for Reuters cameraman, Israel wanted to hide its massacre on palestinians people when they shot dead cameraman Fadel Shana so Israel is stupis need to be put before the justice.

Abdinasir, Mogadishu, Somalia


The ICC is wrong at all because instead putting Albashir on trial for Darfur why could’nt they do like that to Israel for killing Reuters cameraman and palestinians.

ICC is an Israeli centre isee, may allah punish you!

Bloomberg, Mogadishu


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