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Day One of the new Reuters News

April 17, 2008

David SchlesingerThis is Day One of the new Reuters News, a news organization that is part of Thomson Reuters, the company formed when two great leaders of news and information came together.

As Editor-in-Chief, I want to assure you that the Reuters News you will see will maintain its commitment to independent, trustworthy, useful news; news that is free from bias and filled with the insight you need.

That’s the excellence that saw us recently win, among other awards, a Pulitzer Prize for spot photography and a Society of American Business Editors and Writers award for commentary.

Over the next weeks and months, we will combine the best from the old Reuters news and from Thomson Financial news; we’ll be bringing together people and services. Most of the difference will be seen immediately on our desktop products for financial professionals, but over time I’m sure you’ll see new bylines and data on our Reuters Media consumer-facing sites as well.

My commitment is for Reuters News to be the global, insightful and innovative powerhouse you want to serve your news needs in words, pictures and video. There are more than two and a half thousand professional journalists around the world backing up my words with their actions every minute of every day of the year.

David Schlesinger is Editor-in-Chief,
Reuters News, Thomson Reuters


David, best wishes for the new reuters. As a financial trader and massive news user, I’d like to see you leverage some of the basic data you have in reuters while adding more expertise 1-on-1 interviews with leading thinkers.

Yes, I’m aware FT & bloomberg do that, but that’s what is of value to me.

IF that was not clear, trade for 3-5 years and then you’ll see what I mean..



Posted by eduardo galiano | Report as abusive

I have made Reuters my primary source for news information for a number of years now. I have always valued what I perceived as an independent source with a high level of integrity. I am looking forward to more of the same and more financial news from the Thomson side.

I want to congratulate you on your new venture.

Posted by Thomas Jones | Report as abusive

great and best wishes on new venture i hope more coverage will be given on curriencies market.

Posted by jaideep | Report as abusive

David, Good Luck and Godspeed. There is nobody better to be sitting at the helm of something like this than you. As great as the product is now, it is only going to get better and more in demand.


Posted by Charles Fiori | Report as abusive

Absolutely phenomenal – the leading providers of critical information have collaborated. This is an endeavor that deserves much praise.

Posted by J.Ash | Report as abusive

I would like to see more (or all) articles followed by opportunity for readers’ comments. Otherwise keep up the great work. Reuters is my first read in the morning and final read at night.

Posted by Keith Frick | Report as abusive

Reuters is truly unique in a sense, where the audience appreciate the true value of its services including global coverage of news. I am keen to continue exploring the events of Reuters and Thomson. My best wishes goes to the people who work in this field so you and me get a sense of global events.


Great and best wishes on new venture. All the best of luck.


It is really a shame to see Reuters transforms itself, voluntarily, from a reputable news agency to an anti-china and pro-Tibet specialized propaganda machine, without showing any sound judgment and decency in its news report. I noticed in many instances during the past month or so, Reuters deliberately mislabeled photos, stretched facts, used exaggerated numbered (e.g., Tibet death toll), cited biased sources without cooperating evidence (e.g., citing prominently statements made by Tibetan movement-in-exile about the ground condition in Lhasa while knowing perfectly well that Tibetan movement-in-exile has its own political agenda), or simply turning a blind eye to what really happened on the ground. For example, in your reporting of Olympic torch relay in Argentina, you emphasized the presence of a small group of pro-Tibet protesters while failed to mention properly the presence of a much larger number of pro-China demonstrators.

This is more like a political propaganda campaign, aimed at smearing rather than reporting, and driven by ignorance, arrogance and ideology than by a pursuit of truth.

This is hard-core hypocrisy to its fullest.
While Reuters uses the Human Rights banner to slander and demonize China, it is doing the very thing of abusing Chinese people’s human rights for dignity, respect, and equal treatment!

If Reuters really tries to be the guardian of truth as it self-proclaims, it needs to take a hard look at its own practice. A piece of advice, do your job as a true journalist will do and abide to the ethical code of your profession—being truthful, fair, and objective in your news reporting. Otherwise, change your name!

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

When I see a headline that I know is incorrect I toss a coin and bet its from Rueters or A.P. Its satifiying that it is always the right choice. Shame on your attempt to destroy what used to be an icon.


Count me among the skeptics as well. Reuters seems to have relaxed its editorial quality standards over the years in the name of “innovation” that mainly consists of recycling news from “content partners” that has not been independently checked. This is particularly true of international coverage from stringers that seem to operate without any adult supervision. Its coverage of the Kenyan elections was particularly shameful and inept. The company’s record on labor relations and safety is disturbing, as are the promiscuous relations between the company and the “philanthropreneurial” projects of the Reuters Foundation, which seems to be a perfect example of Naomi Klein’s apt thesis on “disaster capitalism.” I am not a fan, or a regular reader, obviously. Maintaining the old standards is not going to be sufficient to get me to start paying attention again.

Posted by CB | Report as abusive

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